yin&yang: lark&key

Imagine two mad scientists sharing the same artistic synergies, creating concoctions of vicarious wiles within crossover collaborations. These seemingly odd couples bewitch the perfect complements to bound us all in absolute awe and creative compulsion.

photographs by joshua galloway and angel butler
introductions by nicole camack / interviews by ciara bird

duy huynh & sandy snead

This Fine Artist and Designer spousal duo of Lark and Key thrive on living and working in their own inspired gallery of creations.

How did the two of you meet, and how long have you been together? We were set up side by side at an outdoor art/craft festival. We began hanging out together as friends for six months before realizing we were actually dating. Although we just got married last year we’ve been together for ten and a half years.

What do you admire most about your partner’s talent/skill? Duy: Her eye for design and magical ability to make so many different art pieces from a variety of artists flow so fluidly together.

Sandy: His focus, dedication and unwavering certainty that he is doing what he wants to do in life.

How do your styles differ, and how do they complement each other? Sandy: Overall our styles are very similar. Our home, like the gallery, reflects what we are drawn to – warm colors, with a quirky blend of old, new and repurposed – things with a history or a story to tell. We especially value items made by our unforgettable friends. When it comes to our personalities we are also similar but different in a few key ways. Duy is more easygoing, can have tardiness issues and is an eternal optimist. I tend to be more of a realist and a bit obsessive with being prompt and thorough. These differences can make living and working together challenging at times,
but also gives us balance.

Can you describe your individual creative workspace, and how yours either differs or is similar to your partner’s? Duy: Because I spend so much time in my studio, I try to create a cozy space with an inspiring creative energy. Not only is it filled with art supplies and tools of the trade, but also personal mementos and reference materials such as old cameras, books, musical instruments, timepieces and other “man”tiques. Usually there is music in the background to help set a tone for the type of work produced, or at least it helps drown out the voices in my head.

Sandy: My creative space has become the gallery itself – curating and displaying the work. When I have time, I also make jewelry. My jewelry studio, glamorously located in the gallery’s office, is relatively minimal compared to Duy’s workspace. It is usually filled with paperwork and an overflow of artwork from the gallery.

What projects have you done around town that people might recognize? The paintings at Soul Gastrolounge and the mural at Dim Sum restaurant both located on Central Ave.

Interesting Factoid: Duy: I’m a big fan of basketball and of course painting. A few years ago I had the fortunate opportunity to combine the two by painting live during a show about basketball on ESPNU. I’m still working on my jump shot just in case the NBA calls.

Career Highlight: Duy: In 2004 I was asked to tour with Linkin Park as part of their music festival, Projekt Revolution. I did live paintings on stage with the band as well as paintings of other musicians during their performances throughout the festival. Meeting and painting one of my favorite emcees, Ghostface Killah on the tour was definitely a highlight of my career.

lark & key gallery
128 E. Park Ave, Suite B
Charlotte, NC 28203

This interview was conducted summer 2013.

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