yin&yang: dupp&swat

Imagine two mad scientists sharing the same artistic synergies, creating concoctions of vicarious wiles within crossover collaborations. These seemingly odd couples bewitch the perfect complements to bound us all in absolute awe and creative compulsion.

photographs by joshua galloway and angel butler
introductions by nicole camack / interviews by ciara bird

dion & davita galloway

This sibling sensation – dupp&swat – has created the illest, hippest cultural mecca that drowns your soul in unapologetic inspiration and begs your inner artist to create.

How did the two of you meet, and how long have you been together? Swat: Well, unfortunately, my parents decided to have another child… Dion, affectionately known as dupp, is my brother. We’ve been together for as long as we both can remember.

What were you doing before coming together? Dupp: Longing for something more and meaningful to life. Just trying
to find where we belong in this world.

Has your work changed as a result of working together; if so, how? Swat: I will admit that my brother balances me out; where I am somewhat spontaneous and, at times, erratic, he grounds the operation. I’m certain he believes that I live in a fantasy world, while he, on the other hand, walks in reality.

What do you admire most about your partner’s talent/skill? Dupp: Man, Davita is the most talented person I personally know. Point blank, period. She does things unimaginable with the least amount of resources. Her mind is just unbelievable. Whether it be fashion, events, anything creative; she is second to none!

How do your styles differ, and how do they complement each other? Swat: I’m more colorful, more creative; dupp is business, contracts. As such, our working relationship isn’t forced, it’s easy. There is great balance between us. Where I’m lacking, he’s packing, and vice versa.

How would you describe the aesthetic of your workspace? Swat: Colorful. All over the place. Ehhhh scratch that—it’s organized chaos. Constantly changing. Stuffed with Charlotte. A playground.

What projects have you done around town that people might recognize? Delirium, Charlotte North Carolina Fashion Week, SummerFreakout, Africa Fashion Week New York, OnQ Productions… the list can go on and on!

Passion: Swat: Expression.

Most Inspired By: Dupp: God, Family, Friends, and the want and need for more and better.

Day Job: Swat: dupp&swat. FT/PT/All the time. Dupp, works as a Project Manager at Wells Fargo during the day.

Interesting Factoid: Swat: ‘I am a sinner, whose probably gonna sin again!’

Career Highlight: Swat: Opening our studio in NoDa and serving as the lead stylists for Africa Fashion Week New York. On a personal note, completing ‘Two Scraped Knees’ (an autobiography) was a life mark. To open up and let the good, the bad, and the ugly out was definitely healing.

Schooling: Swat: Well, we both have our Master’s. Mine in Public Health (MSPH) and dupp has an MBA, with a concentration in Project Management. I also took a few classes at Parsons.

Modest Goal: Dupp: To leave an impression on this earth worth remembering. Side Goal – to show people how we do!!

2424 N Davidson St., Suite 112B
Charlotte, NC 28205

This interview was conducted summer 2013.

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