What is FOUR?

What is FOUR?
FOUR is a publication created to showcase timeless imagery and creativity. With a rich visual aesthetic and editorial voice, we identify creative moments and seeks out the beautiful homes, iconic fashion, artistic expression, and diverse culture that dwells within and around the cities we call home.

At a time when up-to-the-minute cultural information is largely disseminated through the Internet, we publish a high-quality, collectable, printed publication that keeps ahead of typical trend-based periodicals by exploring provocative and unique ideas.

Who is FOUR?
FOUR is the brainchild of a storyteller and a designer, both seeking an authentic creative outlet. FOUR is a completely independent project, something we make on our own time, to our own standards, and about topics that we truly love.

Who else is FOUR?
FOUR is also a bunch of talented artists, writers, foodies, stylists, and photographers—too many to list here. You’re just going to have to trust us: Their stuff is really good.

When is FOUR?
FOUR is published organically upon collective inspiration.

Where is FOUR?
FOUR is available in select art galleries, fashion and décor boutiques, and independent shoppes. We hope to keep FOUR free in stores, but copies do go fast, so a limited number are available for purchase, and subscriptions are encouraged to guarantee a copy.

We named the magazine to reflect a collaborative fusion of provocative and unapologetic design, fashion, art, and culture. We hope to provide an unleashing from the status quo.


Our Founders

Nicole Camack
Storyteller. Visionary. Creative Wildflower.

I sprinkle unicorn glitter bringing new ways of doing and seeing things to the world and connecting with people. I’m the last page of your favorite book, the first chord of your favorite melody.

With an undying poetic love affair with life and exploring, I’m an artistic spirit who channels compelling ideas and creates experiences to savor. I am a woman of many hats — and pins. Currently, I launch new products and ideas globally, birth and nurture the best growth strategies, and break dance in all the digital dynamics and creative chaos that ensues.

I enjoy curating FOUR Magazine, writing creatively, exploring artsy indulgences, immersing in spirit stirrers, transporting via epic stories, trying new places and things, and fawning over the beauty in everyday life.

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Ciara Bird
Artist + Designer. Magazine Aficionado.

I’m just a southern girl who wanted a taste of the big city. After studying graphic design in Los Angeles and returning to Charlotte a few times, I found myself back in Los Angeles where I work for Jacquie Aiche and as a freelance designer.

I specialize in publication design and provide brand development, creative direction, photo styling, and logo, website, packaging and print design for stylish clients across the country.

I love bohemian color palettes and clean classic design. In my spare time I publish FOUR, collect independent publications, read great books, make collages, paint pictures… and spend way too much time on tumblr.

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Photograph by Joshua Galloway