Vol. N°5: Fall MMXIV

We are bred to be extraordinary, given vices but no advices, and thrust into a society in which being the same is somehow accepted and acclaimed. Acceptance is overrated. Every rejection is the explosion of a revolution, a radical change in thought. We don’t regret to inform you, you’re way too unfamiliar and unusual for mere mortals, and you don’t fit into a fucking box. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid communion. Leave that bullshit at the altar. It’s just a coffin anyway. All of space and time could not hold you.

Volume N°5 rejoices the iconic rise and transcendence of the creators looming behind the muses and sparks of inspirations we relish. Artists are people first – beautiful, complicated minds, arrhythmic beating hearts, poster orphans of rejection, selective inspiration sponges that spawn the next creative revolution in your soul. Serendipity seduces the most salvation from our creative DNA. Do Not Assist, society. Do Not Resuscitate worldly impressionisms. They will do anything to bring you back. Lose who you’ve become to find who you were always destined to be.

Virgin Mary your thoughts. Let them divinely impregnate you, wonder in your womb of wander, and then shamelessly birth them into your own deliverance so they can save you. Sacrifice. Let the hallelujah chords of your soul set you free. Name them from the inside out — let the universe guide you. Or don’t label them at all. Be otherworldly.

Don’t wade under wanton societal influences. Go sober. Levitate instead. Elevate.
Transcend your thoughts, your passions. Pull creativity from your own unbelieving bleeding heart. Witness your own amorous ascension.

Don’t live like today is your last. No, live like you’ve already departed. After life has tried to reach you. Rise above in grand panache. What would you have to lose? What would you have to leave behind? Would you be remembered? Would you live on in the heart and soul findings of others? Defy creation. Save your sacrosanct soul. Anything else is ungodly. Be your own icon, darling. Work it like you own it. Own it like you’re your own damn Greek god. Because, let’s face it – aren’t you?

nicole camack and ciara bird, founders of four magazine


Volume Nº5 was bred out of organic demand from readers and creators across the globe. It manifests itself in the anthropology of an artist’s essence, the serendipitous souls that precede what we spawn from our creative wombs and who we have become, over everything we were groomed to be.

This volume explores the transcendence of a people pleasantly plagued with riptides of passionate creativity bursting through proverbial seams of status quo, in grand panache.

Cover artwork by Marsha Robinson
120 pages, perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper.


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