Vol. N°4: Spring MMXIV

don’t be afraid to live.

We all fiend for a life of fulfillment. Don’t push it off into tomorrows and next weekends and next paydays. Inhale already. You’re killing yourself. We institute the purest form of slavery, the most agonizing death within ourselves. We consciously allow ourselves to be defined and trapped from the outside. Break free. No need to try and survive anything that doesn’t completely drench you with inspiration. Find your lifesaver. Every day births a new beginning. Forget longevity – it’s a ruse.

Every chance you take today intensifies the quality and depth of your life. Serendipity is calling. Answer her. Run off together.

In N°4, we celebrate people who simply could not live a pre-determined life any longer. No matter the personification, they fought to change their lives and pursue the very thing that stirred most inside of them, screamed loudest in their conscience. Painters, travelers, musicians, writers, those who don’t fit neatly in a category or label, who unleashed themselves to run like the crazy, wild beasts that’d been caged inside them – like something was chasing them. Because death is chasing you.

This is why four was created, to celebrate those freedoms, those liberties of thought that are not always cherished in the mainstream. We’ve been provoked to publish when the spark of inspiration was simply too hot to ignore. We hope that you will look back on our volumes and become re-energized and reinvigorated, and if pretense or normal try to coerce you away, kill them in self-defense. Run away like your life depended on it. Because it does. Don’t become a dead man walking.

In this final volume, we ask the resounding question: Can I Live? Take that with you every day as a catalyst to your best moments yet. You are the only thing preventing you from living your dream life. Fear and passion are the best alarm clocks – court them, together. Let your dreams scare you into action. Wake up. Suddenly. Fall into a dream. Because, really, life is but a dream. Live it in real time.

nicole camack and ciara bird, founders of four magazine


Volume N°4 is an exhilarating account of unapologetic, unleashed lifestyles and creations of those willfully led astray by what moves them most, who refuse to back away from the edge and conform. It celebrates the rogue, idiosyncratic echelons in art, fashion, décor and culture, chiseled from the minds and passions of its creators.

Cover artwork by Bryan Olson
144 pages, perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper.


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