Vol. N°3: Summer MMXIII

Do you believe in magic? Does your life enchant you? Are you fiendishly floored with fascination? The secret? The mayhem of creation lives within these windows of chance. Volume Three is enchanted with magical mixtures of creative coupling and crossover madness that only works because it should. We looked for blurred lines and grey spaces where artists and creators cross-pollinate and blossom: where one goes mad over learning past the extension of their craft, and the seemingly odd and opposite collaborations are so different they actually complement each other to spawn something beautiful.

Why is it necessary to be bound by category when the real magic exists in the coloring outside of the lines? If you find yourself fitting neatly into a category, exorcize yourself. Don’t become the thing they most expect you to be.

You hold the wand to your own life. Abracadabra that bitch. Don’t settle for amazing. Be downright magical. And by chance if you ever find that you’re not, add a new trick to your bag… Be marvelously mad. Charm them all.

nicole camack and ciara bird, founders of four magazine

Volume N°3: The Magic Issue is an eclectic fusion exploring the interdependency of art form and artistry, décor and design, and metaphoric and bold expressions through fashion, celebrating crossover creativity of all types: creative couples, cultural meccas, artistic collaborations, and the like.

Cover artwork by Anne Sofie Madsen
124 pages, perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper.


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