Vol. N°1: Winter MMXIII

For all the wily charms of the world with its alluring influences, there is still nothing like the pleasure induced by pure, unadulterated creativity. We believe in magazines that engross and inspire at the end of a long week, that showcase the uncompromised passion of local creatives in their element. We have no interest in creating throwaway media—we want to make something that is treasured, that ends its days making the bookshelf or coffee table just a little bit prettier and more civilized. And we believe that everyone needs a break from the status quo.

This is our starting point…

Some might call it forbidden territory— the provocative, liberated space where raw creativity and passion feverishly seduce art, design, fashion and culture in the center of the queen’s city. This is where the curious, the creatives, the dreamers and the visionaries explore creative mélanges, audacious interior design, cultural independencies, mind-blowing visual stimulation, and locally exclusive fashion finds. We believe in loyalty to fresh, original and creative forms of expression throughout the Charlotte area that will resonate and remain relevant far past our releases.
So leave mainstream at the door, hang up those cloaks of caution, take off those inhibitions, and indulge where we dwell. Welcome to Charlotte’s shelter for the curious and passionate. Welcome to FOUR.

-Nicole Camack and Ciara Bird, founders of FOUR Magazine

The first volume of FOUR features a diverse marriage of art, culture, fashion and décor from a wide spectrum of local and international contributors. From quirky artist profiles to poignant, in-depth interviews, short stories, and visually stimulating fashion and interior design editorials, we’ve covered it all.

You know that forbidden territory of raw creativity and passion that you’re supposed to keep toned down, buttoned up & mainstream? Well, we didn’t. In fact, we kind of let it loose, unleashed and uninhibited in this provocative creative collection.

The Forbidden Issue
Cover artwork by Minka Sicklinger
120 pages, offset-printed, perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper.