this or that with will smith


Bold and unforgettable, Interior Motives owner Will Smith’s designs are the things of exotic locales and imaginative trails. While wayfarers rove for souvenirs and snapshots of traversed flair, he’ll bring the mecca of it all to your own home.

interview by nicole camack
photograph by andre michael

Bold Patterns or Floods of Color?
Bold Patterns with a splash of color. Patterns give the room an artistic element, while color enhances it.

Vintage Modern or Traditional Eclectic?
Because of my love of modern furniture, Vintage Modern.

Leather or Fur?
Fur because it’s sensual and plush.

Lucite or Wood?
Lucite. It’s the future of furniture.

Commercial or Residential?
Residential. You are able to express your personal style better.

Bedroom or Living Room?
The Bedroom is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night, it’s where babies are made. It’s the most important room of the house.

House Beautiful or Architectural Digest?
Florida Design. They have the best photos and product selection.

Where would you like to get lost?
Somewhere with no cell phone service, no emails and a tropical breeze.
This interview was conducted early 2013.

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