this or that with kathryn godwin

Whimsical and imaginative, visual artist Kathryn Godwin’s magical, meticulous perspective, love of life, and travel-infused installations transcend space and mediums, leaving you breathless and inspired.

words / nicole camack

succulents or flowers? flowers

jewelry or plane tickets? plane tickets

east or west coast? east coast gal with dreams of a west coast life.

big city or small town? small town, but big city vacations.

the beach or the mountains? the mountains

magazines or books? books

9 to 5 or freelance? freelance

studio or on-set? both! i love the solitude of my studio, but the collaboration that comes from working with a team.

vintage or modern? vintage

dance parties or movie night? movie nights that end in dance parties!

Learn more about Kathryn and her work at:
This interview was conducted fall 2014.

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