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It’s that stop and listen, not getting out of the car ‘til its over, hit repeat, just gotta tell someone about this— kind of sound. Infused with soul and hip-hop, refusing to compromise her roots or be influenced by superficial or overly dramatic niches of hip-hop, Singer/Rapper Ida Divine drops knowledge with rich vocals, a vibrant personality and infectious lyrics that resonate long after the song ends.

words nicole camack // photography moye

Childhood or adulthood
There’s nothing grander than an optimistic, colorful child imagination! I treasure my childhood because I was able to create an amazing fantasy world out of my bleak surroundings; it makes for great adult music.

Heavy or soft music
My favorites are the ones that start out real nice ‘n sweet, then end with blaring horns and wicked drum beats… yeah, straight like that!

Hip-Hop or Soul
That question is so unfair! Hmm, I’ll have to channel James Brown for that answer.

Performing live or in a studio
The studio is nice, intimate, even relaxing. However, I need people to see my face when I’m singing, dance with me while my band is killin’ it, and allow me to connect with them. Plus, I still like to feel those butterflies in my stomach to remind me that I’m alive!

New York or North Carolina
New York of course: “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do.”

Summer or Winter
Sun kissed skin, the beach, 4th of July, brand new sandals, wearing dark shades so you can stare at people without them knowing.

LaQuana Thompson or Ida Divine
The coin cannot exist without both sides.
This interview was conducted late 2012.

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