this or that with david french


By way of many odd jobs and a lifelong adoration of paint, David French – a painter distinguished by his unique style, selfless desire to create, and vehement belief that “the medium creates the artist”, vividly and organically represents Charlotte and the remarkable life around him one beautiful brush stroke at the time.

interview by nicole camack // photograph by angel butler

The real or the abstract? The blending of both is in my opinion, the finest of art (Gustav Klimt).

Items or Experiences? Experiences… and take home a souvenir.

Classic or Modern? Modern.

Bright Colors or Neutrals? Bright.

Live Show or Recorded Music? You can’t have one without the other.

Canvas or Paper? The cart before the horse.

Morning Bird or Night Owl? Night.

Chaos or Serenity? Serenity can be found in the middle of chaos… especially if you have an awesome wife like mine.

Rain or Sunshine? Sunshine…unless I’m napping.

Festival or Gallery? Festival.
This interview was conducted early 2014.

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