the alchemy of an artist


written by nicole camack
artwork by jessica moss

love liquids on canvas. salt waters in purity. inflictions inflected.
the inner child. the mélange of everything no one wanted. orphaned desires.
afterthought. afterbirth.

obsession. shadows. palpitations.
the caged bird. high noon.
the overthought. the unsaid.
what the fucks.
fast forwards. rewinds repressed rewinds re-pressed.
the ends.
cliffhangers –

the wallow in white spaces.
womb wounds.
fascinations untamed.
the deep end. fallen fruit.
the bitter in the sweet
chaos. embers.
marvelous storm clouds.
the throes in pillows.
mad, mad musings.
the beast in the beauty.
silence. lingering loudest. with a dilated Iris.

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