so yoon lym

where are you from and where are you now? i was born in seoul, korea. 10 days after my birth, i went to live in kenya for one year and in uganda for six years. my family came to the states when i was seven. they were originally planning on just visiting new york city en route back to seoul, but my father found a job in new jersey. i am currently living in northern nj. / what is your current state of mind? i am in a new jersey state of mind. i received a one year approved sabbatical to concentrate on my work as an artist for a year. / what is your greatest fear? having to work 17 more years as a public school art teacher to achieve a full pension and wondering if there will be any social security left when it is time for me to retire. “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” – george orwell / which living person do you most admire? i don’t admire people. i admire the things they do or don’t do. / what do you consider your greatest achievement? never abandoning my original desire to be a painter over the years, despite the doubts, financial challenges, bumps in the road, setbacks, rejections, etc. / if you could choose what to come back as, what would it be? a cloud. / what is your most treasured possession? time alone. / open a nearby book and copy the first line you like. “you will not have any doubt that psychological time is a mental disease if you look at the collective manifestations.” / what creative fusion would you like to see? mike patton + so yoon lym (a creative and physical fusion would be lovely) / what would be the title of your memoir? “i am just too much.”

This interview was conducted summer 2013.

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