she is madness, sanity. she is hell, and paradise

It’s a well-known concept that women generally have an enviable gift for multitasking, often obediently balancing the divide between work and play as if it were nothing more than second nature. But when it comes to industry creatives, Yasmin and Soki Mak, there are few women who do it better. For these close friends, work is play, and play is work; the two come hand in hand, parallel to the pulse of their passions.

Born and bred in Glasgow, London-based creative director and fashion stylist, Soki Mak has authenticated herself over the past five years as a woman with drive, talent and jolting knack of blending playful apparel among individual personalities.

At the other end of the industry, with an intensifying career since 2009, DJ and singer-songwriter, Yasmin holds a persona so enticing, that both her vocals and style are congruent to her charisma. It’s little wonder then, why these magnetic, motivated women gelled so long ago.

Who’s your ultimate style icon? Yasmin: Aaliyah, the way she can wear such masculine clothes and still look feminine in them – cool, sexy and effortless all at the same time.

Soki: Isabella Blow! She was the originator of style, and to this day, I still dream of that green, yellow and orange latex dress she wore with the green fur coat. I really love Anna Dello Russo too; she has so much fun with her look.

Favorite musician of all time? Yasmin: Janet Jackson. Everything about her – the voice, the lyrics, the production, the videos, the choreography and of course the style – were so well done. Her growth from album to album was so perfectly executed and it felt honest and relatable.

Soki: I’m going to be predictable and say Whitney Houston.

As friends, how do your ambitions feed off each other? Yasmin: Soki inspires me to be confident, to believe in myself and to never apologize for who I am.

Soki: We’re going to sound like a soppy couple, but we definitely inspire and encourage each other to work better and be better human beings.

Tell us about working together. Soki: We’re mature enough to respect each other’s opinion. When I style Yasmin on shoots or music videos it’s more of a joint effort. I know what she likes; she trusts my judgments and always looks amazing, which always makes my job a little easier!

Yasmin: I love working with Soki because no one knows me better than her. She knows my style and what I’m comfortable in, and because we’re such good friends we can always keep it real with each other. It’s amazing having her on shoots cause she always lets me know if I’m giving a bad angle.

Best holiday you’ve ever had? Yasmin: Ibiza 2013, I was there for a week with Soki and our friend Maddy. We stayed in this cute little apartment right on the promenade in Ibiza Town and just had the time of our lives! Every night was better than the one before, we danced so hard and laughed so much (and drank our weight in vodka) and made some really amazing memories. Can’t wait to go back in 2014!

Soki: Mine would have to be Ibiza too, I had fun for seven days straight; I think we all actually cried when we got home, didn’t want to leave!

Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years? Yasmin: I want to have lots of music releases and tours; I’d love to be involved in the making of a documentary because I’m a biiiig fan of documentary film. Also, I want my own coffee table book and would love to be able to have a label or some kind of situation that allows me to make and release music that I love.

Soki: I would like to have a career like Jeremy Scott or Nicola Formichetti. They are both creative directors of hugely successful fashion houses; they have their own massively successful brands; they collaborate, travel, and most of all have fun with it.

If you were describing each other to a stranger what would you say? Soki: Stunning inside and out, her jokes aren’t bad either.

Yasmin: I would say Soki is a rare Pokemon, special in every single way.

Finally, the one we’re all dying to know… What’s your wardrobe like? Yasmin: Very monochrome, lots of Nikes, lots of street wear and the odd feminine piece.

Soki: Full of magical things, an explosion of color, costume, latex and silk. I don’t really own many practical clothes, but perfect for dress up.


interview by fenn o’ meally
photography by charlotte rutherford
styling: soki mak
makeup: katy short
special thanks to @ninetyfly

This interview was conducted early 2014.

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