maya gohill

What inspires your work? People who inspire with their art, creativity, tenacity, brilliance and ideas; and life – the beauty and mystery of it. Are you self­-taught or did you study to become an artist? I have two degrees, a bachelor’s and a master’s. Chuck Close once said, “Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us show up and get to work.” What are your thoughts on that statement? I love this quote. There does exist, this romanticized idea that artists are these mythological-like creatures who live by a different set of rules and off of divine inspiration alone. That’s not how it is for me. When I have deadlines and clients waiting for work, the luxury of waiting for inspiration is not a reality. If I were to sit around waiting for inspiration to hit, I might be waiting forever. How would you describe your personal style? I would say that my style is quite eclectic. I like a wide variety of styles, and themes, and I enjoy merging them into a cohesive aesthetic that makes sense to me. I like the idea of juxtaposing and contrasting, and in many ways that is reflective of my personality—a bit paradoxical. What have you learned during your art career that you wish you’d figured out a long time ago? To be true to yourself and don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks.

This interview was conducted fall 2014.

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