marsha robinson

Could you ever consider doing something less creative? No. My brain is constantly lighting up with images and ideas that need to be manifested and given life. If I were to stop that from happening to focus on other things like sitting in front of a computer or waiting tables, I’d shut down emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Chuck Close once said, “Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us show up and get to work.” What are your thoughts on that statement? I find a lot of truth and honesty in that statement. If we as artists want to progress and make magic happen we can’t wait to have a whim of inspiration come our way to get those wheels turning. We need to find the strength and spark within ourselves at any given moment to get right down to it and produce. It takes discipline, determination and most importantly, confidence. Would you ever give up on a painting or do you always push yourself through? I’ve been known to throw away a completely finished piece that I wasn’t happy with. If I get to a point where I’m unhappy with the way a certain aspect of my work is looking and know that I’ve run out of options to improve it, I don’t bother putting in the extended effort fixing it. To me that’s wasted time. I’d rather invest the energy into a new piece in which I have a better hold on the direction I want to take. I don’t like to call it ‘giving up’, I’d like to think of it as moving forward. Do you feel pressure as a full-time artist to be creative all the time? The pressure is always there to produce. I think it’s really important to find a balance between work/creating and personal time. It helps to treat your creative process like a job. Make a schedule and stick to it. It’s something I’m getting better at doing and relieves the pressure. How long did it take before you began to find your own style? It took me a good 7 years to find my voice in the work I create. I slowly worked my way through different subject matter and mediums. I went from drawing figures in charcoal to working with floral design in india ink. Flowers have been very present in most of my work through the years so it feels natural that it’s the backbone of my work..

This interview was conducted fall 2014.

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