kristen giorgi / NG Collective

How long did it take before you began to find your own style with Laura? I am always experimenting so my style will forever be evolving. However, I will say that everything Laura and I do looks like it belongs together and that is how we plan to keep it. I feel like we sort of had our formula from the beginning. Our aesthetic and look has always been complementary. It was sort of effortless to start working together. Would you ever give up on a painting or do you always push yourself through? I have never given up on a painting per se. I have decided that I hated something and completely covered it up with something else. It’s crazy how you can go from absolutely loathing something to having a love affair with it in five minutes. The tiniest change can make it or break it. How do you feel when you’re in a creative zone and things are truly flowing? This is such a fun feeling. My husband says I look like a mad scientist. He can see so much happening in my brain. He has witnessed “the zone”. “I need chaos in order to create” is something Francis Bacon said about his messy studio. Do you agree? What does your studio look like? I think Francis and I would have gotten along just fine. I like that I have paint bottles scattered all about. It makes my work more unplanned. Another difference about Laura and I – she needs order to be able to work. My studio is literally a disaster and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Do you feel pressure as a full-time artist to be creative all the time? Definitely. It’s crazy though how my creativity can be tied to my mood. If I’m having an off day I almost slip into a bit of a depression. As soon as I start working on something I like, the mood is lifted. How would you describe your personal style? I’m definitely a bit of a quirky person. I am also completely disorganized and scattered in my thoughts. Which is something so funny about Laura and I because she seems to always have it all together from her outfits to the organization in her pantry. It’s pretty funny that our painting style is so similar having such different personalities.

This interview was conducted fall 2014.

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