jordan carlyle

where are you from and where are you now? i am from alabama… a southern gentleman i would like to think. from there i ventured out and lived in miami, monte carlo and los angeles. all of these journeys have led me here today… new york city! / what is your idea of perfect happiness? i don’t believe in perfect anything. however, i do believe in happiness and from my experience the only place to find that is within yourself. / what is your greatest fear? my worst fear is being broke! ha! no, seriously…. i fear losing everything i have built up. it is a great fear and great motivator wrapped up in one. / what is the trait you most deplore in yourself? impatience. i am terribly impatient with people, technology, everything. / what is the trait you most deplore in others? laziness! i feel there is no room in this world for laziness and self-pity. you need to make your life as best as you can. the world is your oyster and there is so much out there to experience…so get going! / what do you consider your greatest achievement? i think up to this point in my life, it has been a dream come true being able to build my business like i have. i am very passionate about being an artist and designer and love what i do, so being able to create jordan carlyle fine art has been a great journey, adventure and big accomplishment. / what is your greatest extravagance? traveling! i suffer from wanderlust. / what do you most value in your friends? i cherish my friendships completely. those that i have kept close in my life have been around so long because they have been honest and loyal to me. i am very honest and loyal as a friend and expect that in return.

This interview was conducted summer 2013.

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