how they work: selena beaudry

There’s always a method to the madness of a creator, obsessed with finishing touches and finding inspiration within the process. We slipped behind the scenes to see what propels the passions of a unique mélange of local creatives.

introduction by nicole camack
interviews + art direction by ciara bird
photographs by ashley sellner


occupation: Artist
best known for: Bold use of color, Paint Piles, and intricate Installations
home base: Historic Southend (currently based in London)

Your background: I received my MFA from Tyler School of Art.

Your working method: I work on multiple things at once—paintings, works on paper, sculpture, installations.

What fuels your passion to create: It has always been something I’ve done. I get pretty cranky if I’m away from my studio for too long.

What are some rules of your studio: Watch where you step or you may get paint on you.

Sources of inspiration: Everything. I was driving in Los Angeles and saw a truck with stacked card board. the way the light changes throughout the day. memories, humor, weather, moods.

What could you do without: Lots.

Can you imagine yourself doing anything else: Not really. I was a waitress in college and grad school. If I could sing or write that would be interesting, but I can’t.

This interview was conducted early 2013.

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