how they work: evaru design


There’s always a method to the madness of a creator, obsessed with finishing touches and finding inspiration within the process. We slipped behind the scenes to see what propels the passions of a unique mélange of local creatives.

introduction by nicole camack
interviews + art direction by ciara bird
photographs by ashley sellner

occupation: Interior Designers
best known for: Full-Service Design and Bold, Eclectic Style
home base: Myers Park

Your backgrounds: Ashley: From Rutherfordton, NC, I have a BA in Architecture and worked for over 10 years in commercial architecture and interiors. Lindsey: From Wilmington, NC, I have BA in Interior Design and six years of experience in residential design.

Your working method: We have totally different ways of working. Our design styles are also different, but we have similar tastes. I think that’s what makes us a great team. We can cater to every client’s style between the two of us.

Once a client calls and sets up a consultation, we meet, take pictures and measurements of their home, and listen to their needs. From there, we put together design boards, then start ordering everything. When we have all the items in hand, we schedule our sub-contractors and spend the day at the client’s house putting it all together.

Some rules of your studio: Never duplicate a design. Never push a client into a style they aren’t comfortable with. We may test their comfort zone, but that’s what they hired us to do.

Favorite local resources: We source from showrooms like A. Hoke Ltd. and Karen Saks for fabrics. We frequent West Elm for accessories, IKEA for frames, Slate Interiors for unique furniture and last minute accessories. Mid-Century Salvage and Vintage Modern are great for period furniture pieces. For kitchen and bath projects, we like Renaissance Tile and Walker Zanger.

What were the biggest challenges in launching: We thought the financial aspect would be the biggest hurdle, but once we sat down and crunched the numbers, the start up capital was relatively low, and we were able to self-fund everything. We were able to pay ourselves back within 5 months of opening – a really nice bonus!

Best part of your job: There’s nothing like install day, when your client sees the finished room and they’re thrilled with the result.

This interview was conducted early 2013.

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