how they work: bnr records


There’s always a method to the madness of a creator, obsessed with finishing touches and finding inspiration within the process. We slipped behind the scenes to see what propels the passions of a unique mélange of local creatives.

introduction by nicole camack
interviews + art direction by ciara bird
photographs by joshua galloway

occupation: Record Label Artist, Producer, and Promotions
best known for: Production Value
home base: Uptown Charlotte

Your background: Started in gospel, now making world music.

Your working method: Get the job done right.

Some rules of your studio: No smoking, be on time, be professional, and make dope music.

What’s your view on artist management for a new artist? Artist management is essential at any level. However, new artists can manage themselves.

Can an artist do it alone these days by leveraging YouTube, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, etc? Those platforms are very effective. But there is much more to success in music than just using social media.

What advice do you offer young musicians aspiring to be professionals: Do your research, study, and perfect your craft.

Mainstream or Underground. What’s real or what’s fake? Mainstream and underground only have to do with the level of exposure the artists get and the type of power the people backing them have. I feel that “what’s not real” begins to show itself more so in mainstream, because the primary focus is no longer the artist’s creativity, but how much money they earn.

Any plans to expand into other areas? We’ll be opening an office in LA.

This interview was conducted early 2013.

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