greg hart

What is your present state of mind? — Anxiously optimistic. — Your age. — 34 — How would you describe your work and creative process? — I have a studio at Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston. I leave the laptop behind, throw on Pandora, and focus completely on one portrait at a time. My preparation is frenetic but the studio time is a single-minded pursuit. I love fast drying paint – acrylic, spray paint, gesso, gouache – when it comes to my art, I have no patience for the slowly emerging image – my portraits quickly develop dimension through layering, sometimes even sped along by a hair dryer. — What music are you listening to right now? — Neko Case, Radiohead, The Band — Apart from creation, what other things do you like to do? — Running is my form of meditation – an 8-mile run on a Saturday morning clears my head. — Open a nearby book and copy the first line you like. — “I thought of him with a vague sadness and with a puckering bitterness too.” — Your favorite artists, writers, musicians? — Philip Guston, Richard Diebenkorn, Alice Neel, Basquiat, David Lynch, PT Anderson, Haruki Murakami, Raymond Chandler, Ron Rash, Ayn Rand, Gillian Flynn, Paddy Chayefsky — What is your best friend like? — Honest, intelligent, driven, quick witted, and loving. Janet and I balance one another – she sharpens my edges, I soften hers. — What is the best present you’ve ever receivead? — Paul Smith wristwatch from Paris. — What natural gift would you most like to possess? — The charisma of Cary Grant. —
This interview was conducted late 2012.

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