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High fashion ambassador, LA-based luxury consultant and cofounder of DNA Luxury Aureta Thomollari allows us to live, travel and style vicariously through her blog and 
jet-setting journeys through locales like South Korea, Qatar, Egypt, and Lebanon. Adventure is hardly the word for her chic, daring and unique sojourns, and our exploration into her world of luxe travel and fashion.

interview by courtney perkins

Do you have a current style obsession for the upcoming season? I see the purpose of trends, I just don’t follow them. I buy what I love and dress according to my mood, thus the range is pretty wide and diverse.

With extensive travel comes knowledge of hidden shopping gems. What’s your most desired shopping destination in the US, Europe and Asia? They might seem like the obvious places, but they are the best: NYC (Bergdorf Goodman); Paris (Merci, Kiliwatch, Saint-Ouen Flea); Tokyo (Candy, Bedrock, Restir).

What types of museums do you enjoy? I love art, and going to museums is definitely a favorite activity of mine. I typically like modern art, and DC has some of the best museums and art collections in America: The Phillips Collection, the country’s first modern art museum, being one of them. The Hirshhorn – where I recently saw an incredible exhibit of Ai Weiwei’s – and the Corcoran are also great places for inspiration. Other favorite museums around the world are MOMA, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Tokyo National Museum, and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, just to name a few.

Favorite flea market and most treasured find? Marchés aux Puces in Paris and Rose Bowl flea market in LA. A recent find that makes me smile was at the Rose Bowl—a gold/black heart necklace by Karl Lagerfeld. I look for pieces with stories, unique things that are timeless.

What makes a hotel top tier for you? Favorite hotel? Any of the Relais & Châteaux properties or Aman resorts; they really get it. It’s all about attention to detail, impeccably well-done customer experiences, and food! I am passionate about fine dining and they’ve served some of the best food I’ve had in the world.

How do you remain chic on the road? What are key staples that a fashionista should always have at her disposal? A scarf, red lipstick, your favorite sunglasses, statement jewelry, and a fabulous perfume.

What’s your own personal packing routine? There is no method to the madness; really I just grab a few things and pack. Every hotel should have a steaming/cleaning service for your clothes that require extra care. Always make the most of what you do bring with you, alternating lipstick and jewelry to freshen up your basics.

Any beauty secrets for covering up the inevitable jet lag? Drink a lot of water, use a face moisturizing spray throughout the flight to keep your skin hydrated, and sleep on the flight if you can. If possible, ask for cucumber slices to relax and soothe your eyes.

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This interview was conducted early 2013.

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