Funky Fresh and Yes, Cold on my Feet


It’s that feeling you get when you step out in that one ‘fit so unique, so perfect, so ‘you’, that if by some Shakespearean twist that’s all your life came down to, it would precisely personify your entire essence.

interview nicole camack // photography theo mercado

Enter Kelvin “Fresh” Wright: Sneaker lover, creative, and owner of the most eclectic, elite and exclusive sneaker boutique around, Fresh Exclusive.

For shoes that do all the talking in a language not even the finest retail stores are speaking yet, Fresh Exclusive is the spot to get immersed. “There was a void in the market for a store that only sold exclusive sneakers,” says Fresh. So for the sake of the Achilles’ heel of wardrobes everywhere, he did something about it. With his car, a website and a dream, he built the unique Charlotte-based enterprise.

Five years of hustle birthed the brick and mortar mecca that sneakerheads, celebrities, artists, and athletes everywhere flock to for the latest and most exclusive footwear. “We carry a variety of sneakers and what’s hot on the sneaker blogs. Other stores here have corporate accounts which limit their stock to only what that brand sends them. Fresh Exclusive has the flexibility to sell all shoes,” he says. And the shoes are definitely flying off the floor like Jordan in his prime.

But it’s not just about the kicks. It’s about the culture. It’s about pure attitude and expression laced together on the feet of diehards everywhere. “Naysayers aren’t sneaker lovers,” says Fresh. “The sneaker culture is more alive than it has ever been. Releases like the Pink Foams, Jordan Breds and Motorboat Jones show the culture is still rocking. Kanye’s shoe changed the game again. When sneakers are limited, the culture goes crazy.” And that genius/insanity line has thrust sneakers from streetstyle staple to luxury high-end fashion. “When sneaker brands started to develop limited quantities, that drove the demand. The less out there, the more elite the shoe,” says Fresh.

This elitism is sure to bring out celebrities, but not necessarily their egos. “T.I. was pretty cool. Wiz Khalifa has been the most down to earth,” Fresh says. But celebs are not the only ones buying. The young and old, the curious and crazed are all manifesting this culture in motion. Fresh intends on keeping the exclusive kicks flowing through the heart of a culture vibrant, fly, and unapologetic.

Be fresh. Stay original. 4

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