words by cpmaze

photography by lindsey appolis
assistant nicki piem
featuring sasha fourie

You learn to let go of hope and become it
when the ego shuts down and your inner id awakes
a place where metaphors become gods,
sleep in sheets where similes are monsters

What do you do when your back’s
against a cubicle wall
And your call center plantation
is hanging slaves
by their paychecks

Happy birthday suit
Please don’t blow out
the candle fire
that once was
our heart

For exactly
what does

Time’s deadline is you
Heartbreak’s dream is you
So how many times have you

wrote off your childish
on your taxed soul’s

Did you know
there’s a crime against
taking out another mortgage
on a middle-incomed mouth
going unreported

Did you know
the pimpled picked on
pot-faced pre-adolescent
is contemplating curtain calling
the main stage of a classroom
with a hardcore encore
composed by a pistol
and a probably soon

Tomorrow is dying
for you to pick your own
good fight

Hey yellow bird
I’m afraid the eyes have it,
too alarm-clock-
lost in timesheets of today,
feeding the future in starving,

Choking off their own halo’s
Heaven-on-earth potential

Love like you were born
with fuck yeah in your veins

Live like you haven’t given up
And give in to something greater than you

Because You Are
The Art

That Angels in heaven
only wished they had


Because we all keep rainbows
Behind our ear lobes
That look like
What our daredevil
Used to be

“The very act of breathing is a miracle”

Because it is
you are
we will always be
we have always been
this next moment –
might be magical,
Because success doesn’t have a rabbit up your heart

Life is only the vehicle for
your passion
And this car is rattling like
the upset stomach of a god

Because somewhere
inside you
your inner child would
rather die

before your
understandings become a
used car

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