eckart hahn

What inspires your work? My inspiration comes from my intuition. And my intuition is fed from a great openness to all kinds of things and phenomena of our world. I think that my childlike amazement is still very much alive. Also, I do not have many rules in my head in respect of any artistic canon. If I feel the need to address a subject, then I’ll do it. Do you have a trick you use if you’re having trouble with a painting? When I´m painting I always listen to audiobooks. But when I´m in trouble in my studio, usually it´s me – not the painting. I listen to the audio drama “The Green Mile” by Steven King. This is like a reset in my head. And if this isn´t working, I go cycling. There is a lot of symbolism in your work, what are you trying to convey to the viewer? I don´t try to convey anything. Painting to me is like writing a diary. You won´t solve the problems of the world, but you feel better afterwards. Do you feel pressure as a full-time artist to be creative all the time? I feel lucky that my working process needs a lot of time. When I´m working on a painting, I´m thinking about the next one – my creativity is more like a flowing river than a storm flood. Do you have any daily rituals? A set schedule or workflow? I have a very normal workday – like living in suburbia. I´m in my studio from 8 to 5. What have you learned during your art career that you wish you’d figured out a long time ago? The altitude of the step between where you are and where you want to be is always the same, no matter how successful you are.

This interview was conducted fall 2014.

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