Closet&Casa with whitely hamlin

photographs by joshua galloway

Who: Whitley Adkins Hamlin, Wardrobe Stylist and Author of the Queen City Style Blog.

Why Whitley rocks: Whitley scavengers unique looks as a wardrobe stylist for personal and commercial clientele, making various print, television and radio contributions including a mommy style column. In her spare time, she epitomizes vintage inspiration and diehard individualistic style statements.

In her closet: “I have all these amazing accessories that belonged to my grandmother. She was definitely a maximalist. I’m pretty sure I get my ‘more is more’ sense of dress from her. I have a wonderfully bright neon print caftan that belonged to her. She had all these totally over-the-top pieces of costume jewelry, embellishments, sequins and wildly colored scarves. I love all of those head turning, eye-catching accessories that make you say, what the hell is that?! I also have the most amazing grey wool dress and jacket suit with a funky geometric print that belonged to my great-grandmother. I had it tailored to fit my body and I wear it now to church all the time or for more formal business occasions. I’ve only really ever made one substantial purchase, and that was my quilted Chanel purse with a gold chain. It was my five-year anniversary gift to myself when I owned my previous business. I was so nervous spending the money, but it is a symbol of hard work, patience and determination.”

In her casa: “Interior design is my second favorite form of personal artistic expression, behind fashion. I went crazy on my house. I think I redecorated my living room five times, and that includes buying fabric, making pillows, swapping them out, painting furniture, consigning furniture, buying more, and refinishing. I’m glad I found this path to channel my love of fashion, because I know the home projects were wearing my husband out completely. My style is not traditional; I love color, and I like to smile and dance and have fun. I figure I have the rest of my life to be beige, so I’m definitely having fun with decorating.”

I typically have four to five items in rotation. I love broken in clothes that hang and fold in all the right places.

Her favorite places to shop: “Poole Shop, Summerbird, Chezelle and Hong King Vintage. My biggest clothing nightmare is the idea of someone else wearing the same thing as me or even owning the same piece for that matter, so I like to shop anywhere I think I’m going to find one-of-a-kind pieces or unique brands. I don’t like to spend money, so I do a lot of consignment and thrift shopping. There’s no greater shopping success. For online shops, I love Net-A-Porter, ASOS, Shopbop, and Topshop.”

Recent purchase: “A totally kick-ass big funky silver plated Jan Michaels necklace from Chezelle. I went in there looking for items for a bohemian-inspired photoshoot, and I couldn’t say no.”
This interview was conducted summer 2013.

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