closet&casa with camila amortegui

Who: Camila Amortegui, graphic & jewelry designer. Founder of MILA jewelry & Blü Magazine.

Why Camila rocks: Before turning her jewelry making hobby into a full online retail store (featuring hand crafted jewelry, art, home goods and accessories from all over the world), Camila founded Blü Magazine with her brother, took over full creative direction and churned out fifteen incredible issues that have been distributed all over the world.

In her closet: “My grandmother passed this fringe shawl down to me from Colombia. It’s my favorite and is the prettiest thing in my closet. I think it used to be a bed runner, but I use it as a shawl. Most of the jewelry I got on my trip to Colombia, except the rope necklace, which I made for the MILA Collection. The handwoven Wayuu tribe mochila bag is also one of my favorites and available through MILA as well.”

In her casa: “The walls of our house are covered in my husband’s photography, prints by artists we have featured in Blü, as well as pieces 
my husband and I created ourselves. I also have a few prints by one of 
my favorite artists, Bec Winnel.” · ·

This interview was conducted late 2012.

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