closet&casa with caleb clark

photographs by theo mercado

Who: Caleb Clark, Creative Director. Creator of design agency Weapon Collective and clothing brand Enemy to Fashion.

Why Caleb rocks: Starting with a couple of vintage helmet bags, Caleb now runs both a high-end design agency and a vintage-to-contemporary clothing brand. His passion and unique vision intently steer him into successful new creations, such as his upcoming Trophy Athletics line aimed at Japanese department stores, and he still makes time to treasure hunt for vintage military surplus, masonic ephemera, or his next big idea we’ll all love.

In his closet: “Lately my personal style has shifted into what I call ‘DH Style.’ It’s basically a jumble of everything I find comfortable, including the kimono I recently picked up on a business trip to Japan. I respect good denim, a nice suit and a solid pair of boots – I’ve had mine resoled several times and will never throw them out.”

In his casa (aka studio space): “The shop was empty when we moved in, but in the past four years I’ve filled it with everything that’s caught my eye. I make regular trips to local vintage shops, antique shows and auctions. I handpick all of our vintage material that we use to produce Enemy to Fashion. Even if I don’t have a plan for it, I store it and eventually find a way to use it. My shop worktable is one of my favorite pieces that I own – it came out of the machine shop of a tobacco plant outside of Charlotte.” /
This interview was conducted early 2013.

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