closet & casa with cheryse fulton

interview / ciara bird — photography / joshua galloway

Who: A mother, wife, and friend, Cheryse Fulton is well-grounded in family and all things fashion. She is a person who buried her mother one week and got married the next. Confidence and strength simply radiate from her.

Why she rocks: The epitome of Superwoman with a smile and passion persevering life’s challenges, Cheryse is every woman – regal, multi-faceted, fierce, family-focused and always, always fashion forward.

In her closet: Lives a collection of vintage pieces dating back to the ‘60s all the way up to the latest Céline bag. For Cheryse, there’s no specific genre, because you never know what you will find.

In her casa: A museum of her life – paintings, kids drawings, book collections and vintage clothes, personifying her life as a mother, collector and fashion obsessive.

Describe your personal style: I would like to say it’s definitely based off of my mood. Sometimes I wake up and want to feel like Jackie O. So I opt for a St. John suit, other times I embody my inner Yonce’ and want to throw on leather pants and a white t-shirt with Louboutins to feel fierce. I change with the wind.

Who are your favorite designers? My favorite designer is Gabriel Chanel – my obsession with her is at an all-time high. She beat all odds being a little French orphan girl and rising to be one of the most celebrated designers in history; despite her adversities, she managed to create designs that are forever timeless.

Where are your favorites places to shop? I’m a diehard vintage and thrift girl. There’s something so wicked about taking something that was trash to someone and mixing it with a new item to create the ideal look. There was a store in Charlotte named Hong Kong that I will forever cherish.

Who are your style icons? Jackie O., Michelle Obama and Victoria Beckham. I’m a sucker for a classy lady.

Are there any key pieces you find yourself wearing constantly? Right now I’m all about my Vintage XL Jumbo Chanel flap bag and bell bottom jeans.

What is your most recent purchase? My Reed Krakoff boxer bag. Since leaving Coach, he has created a very clean, modern and polished look with handbags and apparel. The bag isn’t monogrammed with his logo, which creates mystery for those who haven’t quite yet jumped on the Reed Krakoff train. / @the_mrscfulton
This interview was conducted fall 2014.

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