asphalt & angel

words by cpmaze

Sexy is an insult to the skin you wear. My beautiful thunderstorm tongue with morning mist skin, you kiss me like an I’m sorry drenched in a porcelain halleluiah until I become buttermilk and please somebody please please (help me), tell John the Baptist I’m ready to be born again. Oh how I’ve been looking forward to the dance of your car wreck eyes since before orgasms graduated multiple. Teach me the tango of your limbs supernova. Extend the nape of your neck as if only… Angels will window shop themselves into your smile as if why not…

… you roadside bombshell
with your acid jazz lips
all sucker punch drunk with shine.
If I begged your bad credit body
to birthday suit me a bailout plan
would the pools in your pupils’ silk sexy
skinny dip like a halo hung all over me?

Such allegory of ambrosia and anarchy you are
a subtle silence wearing something sexy sung
in the tune of quicksilver gorgeous, you’ve become

a daring skyscraper’s symphony, Love.

I’ve never known
such a shutter speed
could gallery crawl
across my creation myths
quite like you do.

Before another canvas stretches itself Sistine and chapels your cheekbones vintage, promise me a bar tab’s vibrancy and a Sunday stroll across any café’s side-walking aroma.

I’ve been here waiting for you since before ribs separated me from your essence. I’ve plastered your pursed lips perfection underneath eyelids, dreamt in feng shui and danced

cherry blossoms on devils tongues just to prove your fusion was the only language I was ever fluent in. Long before art fused itself inside the word he/art. Long before time

discovered everlasting in your loose leaf limbs and fashioned you forever, I’ve been herewaiting patiently. Your fusion is the only elixir Addiction has ever looked up to.

… you roadside bomb of artistic beautiful…
… you shutter speed thunderstorm of mixed media & miracle…
… you quicksilver symphony…

I am as I have always been
captivated   by the spaces   in between your   notes

photography by pisid whangvisarn
stylist: chris kanisorn
photography assistant: sawit p.
styling assistant: gneiss genesis
hair stylist: alexandul w. nasris
makeup artist: turtle tada
featuring nina petrova at wilhelmina one thailand

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