a snapshot of suspended time haunted them in the happiest of places’

Entire stories are captured in the best of images. Alvin “AJ” Jacobs, Jonathan Cooper and Joshua “Aurelius” Galloway are the visionaries behind Project Noir, a creative photography medium where stories and moments are created, come alive and live on. Reimagining the concept of photography by designing creative freedom, this Charlotte collective is expanding ideas and concepts one development at the time.

interview by ciara bird / photographs by project noir

What is the goal of Project Noir and why is it needed in a city like Charlotte? We bring ideas and concepts to life for businesses and brands and educate our clients about our creative process to encourage a greater appreciation for creativity in the workplace. Every city needs a group of free thinkers and creatives.

What do you specialize in? Photography, digital and print solutions for creative small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world. We develop tailored creative solutions suited to unique needs.

What will separate Project Noir from other photographers/groups in Charlotte and beyond? Our approach to creating and providing another perspective that hasn’t been seen.

Any upcoming projects? Always! But we’re really excited about our personal editorials and exhibits. We just completed a special project with UNC-Charlotte, and we are looking forward to the next. When we aren’t working on a project, we’re taking those ideas that keep us awake at night and bringing them to life; it’s like therapy for us.

Who should be watching you? Everyone who’s passionate about change, and the ability to create emotional pieces and conversations through pixels.

Whose style never fails to inspire you?
AJ: Rick Owens is consistently refreshing, new and cutting edge. Jonathan: Estevan Oriol, Peter Dean Rickards and Alexander McQueen. Aurelius: Rog Walker and Peter Lindbergh. Adhemas Batista’s work is pure digital art.

What’s happening in the future?
AJ: The rebirth of creative collective concepts. Aurelius: Photography exhibits from us, and others around the city. Online and physical rebrands. The new standard of what creativity means for Charlotte.

Follow their journey at:projectnoir.org
This interview was conducted early 2014.

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